Pixel People Hack

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Pixel People Hack

Pixel People Hack

Pixel People Hack is an advanced program that evade the iOS and Android security protocols and inserts utopium into this game. The cheat engine is simple to use – insert the amount of utopium that you need and press start.This is Pixel People Hack Tool, Cheat, Trainer was created by our team at

This cheat will give you free unlimited Coins, free unlimited Utopium, and more. Pixel People Hack Tool is easy to use and you can easily add items in your account with just a few clicks of button. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk.

Click the button below to download Pixel People Hack:

Click here to download

Having problems with the download?

Read this tutorial on how to download and bypass surveys:

Step 1: Go to your download page.

Step 2: Choose a survey,

Step 3: Go to:

Step 4: Generate a fake person.

Step 5: Copy the info from the generated person into the areas on the survey where you need to fill out.

Step 6: After sumiting the survey info, a new tab should pop up. Ignore this tab. If a new browser window pops up , X it out.

Step 7: The download should shortly pop up at the download page. I it does not pop up in about 3-5 minutes of waiting then you should either,reload the page, or exit the tab that the download is on and go to the download link again and then it should pop up.

Step 8: If it did not pop yet,than you should try, rebooting your computer and redoing the survey or exiting the browser and redoing it again. If it does not still pop up…..

You will need to enter your real personal information, and the download will start 100%.

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Software Name
Pixel People Hack
Operating System
iOS, Android
Free only at

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  1. soccermaster1 says:

    ok i personally go for ds just cause im a die hard nintendo fan and have better faith in psp official firm ware 😛 but here are my pros for ds
    Portability, multitude of games, more homebrew devolpers, it turns the ds into a mini psp with rom support small web browser and a pda function with dsorganize.
    Not enough ram, graphics to psp are low, screen size should have increased more, dead pixel problem alot (i have 2 ds both with many deads >,>) and its just cant handle some things that we wish it could
    PSP- slim… and fat i guess >,>
    Slim added double ram for 64 mb original had 32 mb which is awesome, high graphics built in movie support, download iso’s, play ps1 games internet radio, flash, and many more
    Cons: limited homebrew, very limited games, not many ppl wish to risk bricking -if they are stupid- ds has over sold it…. many things such as the cam and gps not available here unless u order from japen or else were… game sleeves -to protect the disc- are flimsy
    i want to see what are your thoughts -not tallying- and who ever has the best arguement will win the vote 😉 and any added stuff would be nice i only fooled a little with psp hacking

  2. andresumoza says:

    So i noticed my hotmail was hacked last week, i changed my password and ran a virus check (AVG, Norton360 and spybot) and they all came up clean. BUT i am still getting e-mails saying “postmaster could not deliver”. what else can i do?

  3. mal_functiongeo says:

    Have gotten email back but all emails are lost and so is all my contacts?

  4. opurt says:

    Well, its not necessarily my account, its my best friend’s, and he worked really hard on getting Dota 2 items, plus he’s
    got some paid games and he’s really bummed out that it got hacked.

    So here’s what happened, my friend was just trading with one of his steam friend, If i’m not mistaken the person’s
    name was “Pixel Joe”, and according to my friend, pixel joe sent him a link to someone who has a good trade offer for
    Dota 2.

    When my friend clicked the link, It suddenly said that his account was logged in/being used in another computer or
    something like that, from that point he couldn’t access his account anymore. Also my friend’s old account messaged me
    this after it got hacked:

    Hi, my friend has nice offer. he want sell expensive items for your trash but he cant add (steam error) please add him.

    I tried to go to link not via steam, but with my browser, and it led me to a person named “Dreamer” (steam level 60)

    Luckily, the hacker didn’t change my friend’s account name yet so I was able to check if there were any changes.
    Then I saw the friends list increase, there was suddenly a CS:GO item even though my friend didnt play that

    I then realized that the normal link for a person’s profile is supposed to be like: so on and so forth…

    The link that was sent to me and my friend was: (steamCONmunuty)
    I don’t know If this is something or If its some sort of foreign link for the steam community.
    I don’t know maybe Im just stupid. But this is what I figured out.

    If you wanna know my friend’s steam name its: A Potat[E]r

    Please help my friend…. (PS: I already reported the account for Hijacking)

  5. colingrillo says:

    Firstly, I want to make it painfully clear that this is NOT a question about hacking (or, as is more accurate, cracking). I do not want to break into computers, I’m talking about the Machine Language known as HACK.

    I’ve been having an enormous amount of trouble finding resources for HACK, since google assumes I’m talking about breaking into other machines or coding virus and such. So my first question is, does anyone know where I can get some good, clear information on HACK?

    The second and third thing is a set of questions. I have to implement a series of very basic programs in HACK and what little information I have on it is like reading ancient greek.

    First I have to take the values stored in R0 and R1 (the top two RAM locations), multiply them together and place the computed value into R2.

    The second issues is an I/O bit. Basically, using an infinite loop, I have to set it so that as long as a key (and it can be any key) on the keyboard is pressed, every pixel on the screen is painted black and returns to normal when no key is pressed.

    Thanks very much in advance. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The whole thing was kinda sprung on me so I don’t have a great deal of time left.
    I have access to more or less the same information in the book, but most of it is clear as mud. It’s just not making any sense. I was hoping for more specific instruction.

  6. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    Okay so I’m not sure… but I’ve seen this work for a Diablo 2 game called KukBot but I believe that has to be injected.
    Basically this idea came from me constantly questioning why doesn’t this program exist and is it possible to make?

    Is it possible to make a window that is Transparent(adjustable with mouse dragging) or attach it to a windowed game. On the side will have a box and each box has different functions for any item/picture dragged into it meaning first box may say [Attack/Monsters] with a picture of a monster like a .jpeg image. The program will constantly scan within the range of the Transparent box and if it is detected it will move the mouse over to use a function that is already set like *debuff* *click*. And then another box will detect the surrounding environment as in if it recognizes the background SIMILAR to the town it will automatically walk to a marked point and do another function.
    This also answers if it can also recognize a line or choices like If this menu shows up Click Yes or No and so on…

    I just want to see if it’s possible to make this basically the program uses only mouse and keyboard clicking on a transparent window that reads whatever is within the range of the highlighted area WITHOUT injecting any file into the game or try to hack/overwrite any data.

  7. Sahil says:

    I am trying to make a wise choice in purchasing a gadget that will take both high quality pictures and video. Some of the most important factors are: Price (around 5-700$, preferably less), High picture quality (clear and detailed not just high pixels), full HD, durability & reliability, long battery life even when filming, high memory capacity, image stabilization, low light shooting, decent optical zoom, portability etc…
    The manufacturers have spread out these features and parameters in such a way that an inexperienced buyer like me will have a very hard time to make the necessary comparisons among their products, I would prefer a HD camcorder that does both instead of a SLR because it seems to me that the lens will increase the cost and complications much more.
    Please help by making as many suggestions as u wish.
    What if the budget was a bit higher?

  8. whites are not the only racists says:

    Is there someone hacking into my computer? I am getting playlist issues with logging in as glowy_star and It logs me in to diferent pple. Then when I tried to manage songs my playlist songs were totally deleted and on my profile it is empty right now too ;[ I noticed this little pixel and it is on my screen and Im not sure if it is a spyware or sumthing hacking my computer. It follows my page when I scroll down D; Im freaked out now and is there any answers to help this and is there any other server like that I can put on my gaia profile for music other than media? thanks <3

    P.S. I dont have a Virus protection in my computer .___. If this is it wut can and how can i get it?

  9. louisewoods1984 says:

    I am having an issue with IE. I have seen a fix for this before but I can’t find it now. The elements display just fine in other browser but IE fails to draw the last pixel causeing the overflow:auto to draw a scrollbar. To fix this I add I pixel to the Height property but this leaves a line under the element in other browsers.

  10. Gamer959 says:

    I was on my computer the other day and I heard noise from the speakers as if someone was watching a movie. This went on for a good 15 minutes so I turned off all my programs and I still heard it! It was definitely a movie with the dramatic sounds and the talking. Can someone tell me what’s going on here? Is my computer being hacked or or if not, then what is it???

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